social media marketing step-by-step

Social Media Marketing Step-by-Step

Social Media Marketing Step-by-Step

How to start social media marketing, step-by-step? According to Statusbrew, the number of social media users has reached 3.5 billion people, accounting for about 46% of the world’s population. This is why many marketing experts believe that Social Media Marketing will be an important element to help businesses’ brands approach closer to customers.

Social Media Planning is an important part of marketing campaigns for many businesses today. In the past few years, we have posed a common question, “Why should businesses use Social Media?” and now we have to answer the question, “How does our business grow with Social Media Marketing?”

This article will learn 7 steps to building the most basic and complete Social Media Marketing Step By Step.

Step 1: Review and set a Social Media goal

“Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate” – Beth Comstock

Before you formulate the target strategy you want to achieve, look at where your business currently stands. Some of the factors you need to identify and consider while preparing are:

  • Which social media channels are you running?
  • Have you optimized images, profiles, URLs, …?
  • Which channels currently bring the highest value to the business?

Then, you compare your business profile with that of your competitor’s business.

Step 2: Determine who are potential customers of the business.

This step should be very detailed and specific. For example, if you are in the business of developing 5-star hotels in Los Angeles, then your customers must be in the high-end segment, willing to spend some money to enjoy the service you bring, age from 35 – 60 earn $ 35,000 / month? You need to analyze it carefully. Even the best marketers will fail to reach the wrong audience.

To answer questions about your audience, focus on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Place
  • Job
  • Income
  • Customer’s problem
  • How often do customers use social networks? What platforms do they use often?

Step 3: Build the message and mission of the business in the social media marketing strategy

Building your communication message and your business mission is extremely important, which means how you will achieve the goals set out in your plan.

Customers will easily remember a clear message, clearly expressing exactly what is present in their plans, clearly highlighting the brand identity. Try to let customers remember you when you meet this message anywhere.

For example, in a Social Media campaign for a travel agency, you want to target brand awareness and reach customers in new markets. The result is customer file acquisition and profit. So you must plan how to achieve this goal mission.

In addition, develop a general document so that people can follow your goal plan in the most general way.

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