social media marketing step-by-step

Social Media Marketing Step-by-Step

Step 4: Identify success metrics

How do you identify success metrics in your Social Media Marketing campaign as success? Here, let me not talk about how your number of people has increased, and not about how much money you make. Anyway, it’s hard to justify spending time and money on something that’s not the bottom line. Some of the metrics below will help you measure the metrics on your Social Media Marketing campaign.

  • Conversion Rate
  • Time to stay on the website
  • Reach
  • Brand Mentions
  • Opinion
  • Total number of shares

Step 5: Create interesting content

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet” – Bill Gates.

Content has always been a key factor in deciding whether a business can sell or not, but many businesses ignore this part. You should take important steps to take before you start creating and managing cool content to share on Social Media channels.

First, you have to determine who will be your customers, how you will have to create content to attract them, the information you create they really care or not. The ultimate goal is to put the message and mission of your business into the article. So the following factors you need to pay attention to and build:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Blog’s posts
  • Business News
  • Infographic
  • Ebooks
  • Interviews

There are many content ideas that will appear as you work, but you must always remind yourself: Focus and aim, but always remind yourself: focus on the item. What is the content, format, and message you want to convey? Content is an important part of driving user action, and creating high-quality content with engaging content is a top priority.

I have a suggestion like this: You create a Content Calendar with an outline in each of the posts you want to post on which social media channel, and build the specific topic you want to target.

Step 6: Invest in social media management tools.

Most marketers find ways to leverage tools to increase their productivity. If you rely on your own strength, regularly posting daily, you will definitely feel depressed and exhausted. When doing a Social Media campaign, you must easily manage and scale up your marketing.

The main tool of Social Media Marketing is to schedule articles in the future. For example, Facebook and Instagram will have Creative Studio tools to help you schedule posts or Twitter will have the Tweetdeck tool. Or, if you want to manage all of your Social Media accounts in general, you can think about buying a paid tool by month or year.

Before posting, check if you have finished building a Content Calendar? You must make sure that your posts are scheduled in accordance with the Content Calendar.

Step 7: Test, measure, and optimize

This is probably the most important step in writing down when your social media campaign is successful. Even Social Media Marketer often try and make mistakes many times. You may look at it very simple, but final testing, measuring, and adjusting the optimization is a very long process.

To know if your content marketing strategy on social media is effective or not, you need to consider valuable metrics such as brand sentiment, number of interactions, and actively sharing information about the business, market share. (Share of voice). This will accurately assess the status of the brand’s “health” in the present and the past. Since then, there are directions for the next content strategy in the future.

Furthermore, you need to keep track of what you are doing on your Social Media channels regularly. From there, discovering errors, ineffective performance, and taking corrective measures.

The final thought of social media marketing step-by-step

Above are the necessary steps to implement Social Media Marketing Step-By-Step effectively. To have a successful strategy, businesses need to equip with specialized knowledge in marketing. Hopefully, my sharing has given you the secrets to content marketing and branding in customers’ hearts.

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